I have a Diploma in paediatric hypnotherapy (Dip Hyp (paediatrics)). Any therapist working with children (or vulnerable adults) needs a recent enhanced DBS check, which I have. which I have.

The CNHC’s (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) code of conduct and ethics has some guidance about seeing children. If a child is under 16, another person should always be present. Confidentiality is central to the relationship between registrants and clients. A parent must give express consent before I can treat their child and this must be in the form of written consent. In terms of the records I keep, both the child and the parent (or a person with parental responsibility) can see them. If there is a safeguarding issue that comes up, I must report it to Social Services. If a child is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment, then I can only see them with the doctor’s consent.

I won't see children if they:

  • Are coming for fun
  • Have diagnosed/undiagnosed learning difficulties
  • Don’t want to attend
  • Are trying to mask the pain from a sport injury and want to continue training, which may aggravate an existing condition, create a new one, or endanger the child.

I will be happy to see a child as a client if:

  • Their problem has been shown to be treatable through hypnosis
  • The child has some motivation to remedy the problem
  • The parents approve/support treatment plan.

When children are anxious, parents are too. And this feeds back to the child. After a hypnotherapy session, parents shouldn't keep asking the child whether it's better yet. 5 is probably the youngest age child that I will work with. Bear in mind that children may have invested a lot of time in their behaviour. I will find out about the problem as the child sees it. And find out how the problem manifests itself physically. I will also investigate what makes it better and what makes it worse. And I'll find out what the child wants from the therapy. The child must want to make the change. The problem may be their defensive strategy.

Most sessions with children follow a standard format. Where appropriate, I will try to normalize whatever their problem is (lots of people have it/do it). Where appropriate, I will explain that the child is not responsible for their problem (eg blushing). Although, with anger issues or bedwetting, it is their problem and I will reinforce their control/responsibility. I will explain that their subconscious mind is going to make positive changes to their behaviour. And I will tell them that there is no pressure for when the change will happen. With many conditions, I will explain the physical symptoms of anxiety.

All the sessions will take place in a very child-friendly way.


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