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Choosing a supervisor for your clinical practice is an important decision. I hope the following information provides you with enough information to make the correct choice. If you wish to discuss supervision for your practice, or require any further information, don't hesitate to contact me.

Supervision is a requirement for membership of the major hypnotherapy organizations and is generally regarded as essential to the provision of effective therapy. It is a central form of support that can facilitate personal development, encourage new ideas, and highlight strengths. It helps therapist to notice what works – their skills, abilities, and creative idea when working with clients and growing their business.

Solution focused supervision is respectful and non-expert, and involves working collaboratively with supervisees to encourage growth and development. Relationships are based on mutual respect and equality that encourages openness and honesty and provides an opportunity to reflect on client and business issues in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.

Solution focused supervision uses:

  • The supervisee's strengths
  • Exceptions
  • Scaling
  • Focused questions
  • Constructive feedback
  • Goal setting.

The sessions will also be used to update supervisees on changes to our knowledge base, updates in understanding and techniques, and ways to market your business (including the use of social media). Solution focused supervision is a model that can work very well with other modalities.

One-to-one supervision can take place using Zoom or phone. It is beneficial because it allows the focus to be on the therapist's individual workload and circumstances. one-to-one Supervision lasts up to an hour.

Supplementary phone supervision provides support inbetween one-to-one sessions where needed. A maximum of one hour is provided in the month following attendance at a session.

Prices and dates

To book a supervision session, email: to arrange a suitable time. Alternatively, you can use the form below: 

One-to-one supervision costs £30. This can be by Zoom, Skype, or phone.

In the month following a supervision session, supervisees can contact me by phone, text, or e-mail with issues and I will respond within 24 hours.

If the amount of contact time between sessions exceeds one hour, I will add up the minutes and invoice the supervisee at the next supervision session.