What's hypnosis like?

A person's hypnotic experience will be unique to them. Some people are more receptive than others, allowing themself to go into trance quickly. However, regardless of a person's receptivity levels, the final result is the same, they will achieve a level of hypnotic trance.

Hypnotherapy The depth of a person's hypnotic trance will range from light to what's called somnambulistic during a session depending on what outcome is required.

The hypnotic trance is very relaxing; people retain a level of awareness of physical sensations around them, but may feel that they are daydreaming, drifting in and out of conscious awareness. The overall majority of people undergoing hypnosis enjoy the experience. The more times a person experiences hypnosis the quicker they go into trance, and therefore the more effective hypnotherapy is.

HypnotherapyEveryone has experienced a trance-like state many times - although they probably didn't call it hypnosis. For example, when you're reading a book or absorbed in an intricate project, you may not hear someone speak to you or notice how much time has passed. That's being in a trance.

Sometimes when you're driving along a familiar route, you may suddenly wonder whether you've gone passed some familiar landmark only to realise that you drove past it many minutes ago without realising. That's being in a trance.

How much will it cost?

Sessions last for about an hour and are charged at £85 each. The number of sessions required will depend on the person and the treatment required.

Our stop-smoking session is slightly different. Clients become non-smokers in a single session, which lasts up to two hours and is charged accordingly. There is no separate initial consultation. This two-hour session costs £190.

Cancellation less than 24 hours before an appointment will result in the full cost of the session being charged – see our terms and conditions.

Code of ethics

We also follow the code of ethics of The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It can be found here.

Does hypnotherapy work?