Online hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy We are only offering online hypnotherapy sessions for the time being. And online hypnotherapy, using Zoom, provides all the advantages of hypnotherapy without you needing to leave your house. It’s perfect for people with mobility problems or anyone suffering from agoraphobia. It also works well for people who find it difficult to accommodate visiting a therapist into their busy lives, such as shift workers, parents, and full-time carers. And there’s no chance of getting someone else’s germs. Some people feel more safe-and-secure being at home rather than at a clinic. And there’s no stress around having to travel to a clinic, worrying about traffic jams, or finding somewhere to park.

Skype and Zoom are encrypted, so the communication and the whole session remain private and confidential.

You need make sure that you have a quiet room where you can have a private conversation and you won’t be disturbed when you go into trance. You need to make sure you have somewhere comfortable too for the trance session, and where you can be seen by the therapist.

Online hypnotherapy You also need to ensure that the technology works at your end, ie there is a suitable broadband link, and the camera and speakers on your laptop or phone will work in a therapy situation. In the event of something going wrong, eg a power cut, the phone line being disrupted, or anything else, it’s a good idea to have a phone near you that the therapist can call.

For online sessions, payment must be made before each session starts. You will be given bank details in plenty of time to transfer the payment.

We have successfully used online hypnotherapy many times and continue to use it more-and-more with clients.

if you're worried whether online therapy works as well as face-to-face sessions, there's no need to worry.
A 2014 study entitled "Internet-based versus face-to-face cognitive-behavioral intervention for depression: A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial" and published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that treating depression via an Internet-based intervention is equally beneficial as regular face-to-face therapy. "However, more long-term efficacy, indicated by continued symptom reduction three months after treatment, could only be found for the online group."
Similarly, a 2018 study entitled, "SKYPE HYPNOTHERAPY FOR IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME: Effectiveness and Comparison with Face-to-Face Treatment" and published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis said, "This study shows that Skype hypnotherapy is highly effective in refractory IBS".
So, no worries on that score.